Fences, planters and School Parents

Trying to repair the ageing fences bit at a time as we have something around 64 mtrs

The unused drive gates were often being hit by the parents delivering the ‘little darlings’ to school. Not sure why they need that as we live in a village!!! yes some are farmers wives, easy spotted by the wellies and a dirty 16 foot 4×4 thrown in to a 10 foot gap


We had Justin from Homefix replace the fence for us.

You can see the oldĀ  damaged planter boxes, from the cars hitting the gates.


The completed section

The previous section was replaced last year with the help of the eldest grandson Dillion (1 of 4 of the collective).



The new replacement box

Made with 50mm square and T and G floor boarding, the brass balls are spares for the welders/monkeys during the winter